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Watercool SILENTstar HD-Dual Rev2.0

Watercool SILENTstar HD-Dual Rev2.0

Water cooling and effective suppression of 2 hard drives in a nice and attractive solution!

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With the launch of their SilentStar hard drive coolers, Watercool has set the standard both when it comes to cooling, but certainly also soundproofing..

The Silent Star series now comes in Revision 2, which provides even better performance and noise reduction than previously.

Cooling modules consist of solid copper plates, which are covered by a strong Acetal cover which together provide the best performance and durability. A thick stainless steel tube connects the two water blocks.
New: Silent Star Rev2 can cool electronics on your hard drive with the optional base, which is set between the cooling modules and the hard drive - via a thermally conductive pad this provides additional cooling of these important components and the hard disk generally.
- When water cools your hard drives, you increase not only their stability but also their life considerably; it may prove to be a good investment for the hard drives that run a lot and contains important data!

Just like the first version SilentStar Rev2 comes in a brushed steel casing that's lined with two layers of noise and resonance dampening insulation. First, a thick layer of bitumen and then a thick layer of foam, which ensures that high-frequency vibration and noise is virtually inaudible outside house.

The installation of the hard drives is easy when cooler comes pre-assembled, so you need only insert your hard disk and connect it to your water cooling system.
Tip: Apply a layer of non-conductive Thermal compound on the inside of the cooling blocks where they have contact with the hard drives. This will increase the heat transfer significantly and give a better result.

Silent Star HD Dual Rev2.0 occupies two 5.25 "slots (CD/DVD drive), and the housing is screwed to the chassis with regular computer M3 screws so it also can be put on "rails" if your cabinet requires so.

Model name (manufacturer's number): Silent Star HD Dual Rev2.0 (10423)
Material Cooling Blocks: Copper and POM Acetal
Material Housing: Steel
Internal design: Multi Pass
Color: Brushed steel
Thread: 2 pcs 1/4" BSPP (G1/4)
Net weight: 1700 g

Hard Drive Size: 3.5"
Type: Standard SATA/SATA II
Quantity: 1-2 pcs
* NOTE: Some 1.5 TB disks have been found to be a bit too long and can?t be fitted to the tube that goes across!
*If you are unsure whether the product fits your hard drives, please contact us either by mail or by phone.

Packet content:
Cooling module
Mounting material
Installation Instructions

Note: This product is delivered without fittings.
Fittings with 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) thread will fit this product.

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