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Watercool SILENTstar HD Rev2.0 Cooling Plate

Separate base plate to SILENTstar Rev2.0 coolers provides additional cooling to the electronics of your discs!

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New: Silent Star Rev2 can cool electronics on your hard drive with the optional base, which is set between the cooling modules and the hard drive - via a thermally conductive pad this provides additional cooling of these important components and the hard disk generally.

Water Cool Silent Star HD Rev2.0 heat sink can be mounted on all hard drives in your cooler, and is easily installed: simply attach it in between the cool heads.

You need 1 pcs per hard drive.

Material: Aluminum and thermal pad
Dimensions: 104x89x1 mm

All Watercool SilentStar HD Rev2.0 coolers

1 pcs per hard drive in cool transferee

* NOTE: Some hard drives are electronics located higher relative to the outer frame, which means that the thermal conductive pad is unable to make contact. Therefore check if there is more than 1 mm from the edge of the disc to the electronics.

Packet content:
Base plate
Thermal pad

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