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MasterKleer - 15,9/11,1mm - Clear

MasterKleer - 15,9/11,1mm - Clear

The optimum size tubing for water cooling!

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MasterKleer 7/16 measures 11.1 mm ID which according to experts' * calculations, the most optimum use for water cooling.

It provides a good compromise between the hose appearance (3/8") and 1/2" large internal diameter.
It's super flexible and as the name suggests, It's very transparent.

The hose is intended for 1/2"/12mm nippel fittings.

* Cathar aka Stew Forster is water cooling guru and the man behind STORM modules and Thermochills PA radiators.

Model name (manufacturer's number): MasterKleer - 15.9/11.1 mm (7/16")
Material: PVC
Color: Clear
Inner diameter: ~ 11.1 mm/7/16"
Outer Diameter: ~ 15.9 mm/5/8"
Wall thickness: ~ 2.4mm
Turning radius: 1 3/4"
Max operating pressure of 30 PSI (@ 73 celsius)
Min - Max temperature: -45 celsius to 165 celsius.

High Flow - 1/2" (12mm)

The product consists of:
1 meter hose *

* For example: If you order 3 meter hose there will generally be delivered 1x3 meter hose and not 3x1 meters.
Please note that we try wherever possible to supply all Hose in one piece. If this is not possible, you will receive the ordered length in maximum 2 pieces and approx. 10 cm extra to compensate.

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