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Hose & accessories

Below you will find our selection of hoses for PC water cooling. We have all the common tubing sizes and many of the popular hose sizes are also available in different colors and qualities. If you have already chosen fittings, you can use the "by fitting" category to find a hose that will fit your fitting. All hoses are sold per meter, which mean you can order exactly the length that suits your set-up.

We also carry accessories such as anti-kink coils and hose cutters, which will make a nice and even cut every time. 

CoolerKit recommends:
Hoses are found in many sizes, so it can be difficult to decide what is best to choose. We recommend that you use 13/10mm hose if you want a very flexible hose with a slim profile. If you want a larger and more noticeable hose, that does not kink as easily, we recommend using 19/13mm hose.