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Here you will find our wide range of fittings for PC water cooling. We have many different types of fittings and adapters, ranging from normal barbed fittings to Push On and Push In fittings. So whether you are looking for compression fittings or barbed fittings and hose clamps, you will find them in our range below. We also have accessories such as quick-release fittings, which can be used to easily connect or disconnect components from the water cooling loop.

CoolerKit recommends:
It can be difficult to make head or tail of it when it comes to fittings. There are so many different types, so what should you choose? We recommend that you use the Push On fittings (also called compression fittings). It is the most secure fittings, as they have an outer ring that locks the hose and you do not have to use hose clamps.