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EnzoTech MOS-C10 - 10 pcs

EnzoTech MOS-C10 - 10 pcs

Elegant and efficient "One-Piece Forged Copper" cooling profiles for larger mosfetchips on graphics card, motherboard etc.

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Enzotech MOS-C10 profiles are made with EnzoTechs "One-Piece Forged Copper" technology which allows the closest structure and thus the best heat transfer!

Mosfet controls the power supply such as your CPU, GPU, RAM, and if they get too hot then it becomes un.
The more un the power is, the more it restricts your overclock when your parts needs a steady power supply!

Enzotech MOS-C10 is designed for the larger mosfetchips and cools them effectively so that you can get the maximum out of your system!

The profiles uses a powerful 3M 8815 double sided thermal tape that ensures an easy and secure installation.

* Compatible with all the Motherboards
* Pure forged copper
* Easy installation by Using 3mt 8815 Thermal Tape
* Multipack - Ten (10) piece set

Dimensions (mm): 10 (L) mm x 10mm (W) x 14mm (H)
Material: C1100 Forged Copper
Weigh: 4g (Each)
Thermal Adhesive: 3mt 8815 Thermal Tape

All desired surfaces

Attention, they must be thoroughly cleaned before they are installed!

Package content:
(10) Cooling Profiles
Installation Instructions

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