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EK - VGA Supremacy - Acetal

EK - VGA Supremacy - Acetal

Uncompromising cooling, higher flow and cool design!
Universal mounting - will fit almost any graphics card!

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EK GPU provides superior cooling of the GPU!

EK-VGA Supremacy is the sequel to the legendary EK-Supreme HF heatsink launched in 2010. The main improvements are:
- A better hydraulic performance: Up to 20% higher flow due to improved design compared to EK-Supreme HF
- Better performance: Up to 2°C lower GPU temperatures

EK-VGA Supremacy features a mixture of super thin fins, jet technology and an ultra thin and convex base that sets new standards for cooling!
The module is extremely universal and fits on virtually any graphics card.
This version's got a rough looking Acetal top. Acetal is harder than Acrylic. If you make extreme projects, then an Acetal top will also withstand freezing.

- A unique modern look copper design High performance VGA water block for most graphic cards.
- EK-VGA Supremacy series water blocks cover only GPU on graphic cards that require cooling.
- An extreme high flow path design and unique increased cooling surface over GPU keeps all your graphic cards components cool even at highest graphical loads and over clock.
- Blocks base is made of 99.99% electrolytic copper.
- High quality CNC manufacturing.
- Leak tested to 2 bar pressure (30psi).
- Safe, noob-proof mounting system.

Model name:
Cooling area: GPU
Material Top:
Material base: 99.99% electrolytic copper polished to +/- 0.0007 mm accuracy
Interior Design: Micro fins and jet technology
Pressure tested:
Dimensions: 69.2 x 69.2 x 26.5 mm
Net weight:

Check compatibility:

*If you are unsure about compatibility then contact us.
SLI/Crossfire setup: Yes, 2 slots space

Packet content:
Cooling module
Mounting material
Installation Instructions
Thermal paste (Arctic Cooling MX -2-1g)

Note: The product comes without fittings and Thermal compound.
Fittings with 1/4" BSPP(G1/4) thread will fit this product.

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