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EK - Ekoolant Cryofuel - Blood RED - 900ml

EK - Ekoolant Cryofuel - Blood RED - 900ml

900 ml of ready fluid - ready to pour into the system!
Contains everything your water cooling system requires!
Blood Red

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Ekoolant Cryofuel is EK's own series of custom-made fluids for PC water cooling systems!

This tried and tested premixed formula is the result of long-term product development. Ekoolant EVO provides the very best price/performance ratio on the market! In short: a superior coolant at a really sharp price!

Ekoolant Cryofuel contains everything you need in a liquid, corrosion inhibitor, inhibits algae and protection of degradation of various metals! Plastic materials such as PVC, NBR, Acetal, Plexi etc. does not react with Ekoolant Cryofuel fluids!

The coolant is suitable for water cooling systems with mixed materials, for example copper, brass, steel, nickel and aluminum.

Last but not least: It's non-conductive in the event of an accident, so you can sleep soundly at night!

All in all you get a completely finished fluid just to pour into the system!

Quantity: 900ml
Color: Blood red

- Do not mix with other coolants/additives.
- Like all other non-conductive liquids on the market, this fluid becomes conductive if it comes in contact with other liquids or dust. It's therefore recommended to keep your system free of dust and other particles.
- EKWB recommends replacing the fluid at least once a year.

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