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Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro 1L - Green

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro 1L - Green

Good looking and super efficient 1L premixed liquid without color particles
Green UV Reactive

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After 2 years of intensive research and development is Cool Laboratory ready with their Liquid Coolant Pro series.

Liquid Coolant Pro is specifically designed for use in PC water cooling systems and protects against corrosion and the formation of algae for over 24 months. Liquid Coolant Pro combines the best previously known liquids, and even though it comes in colors, corrosion protection reduced is not - and it contains no particles as other liquids do.

Liquid Coolant Pro is designed to provide corrosion protection to copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, silver and steel for over 24 months!

The liquid is approved by Innovatek for use with their products, which says something about the quality of this product, as Innovatek are known for extremely high quality!

This is a complete ready-mixed liquid that is easy to pour into the system!
The liquid is green and UV reactive when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Manufacturer's Description:
The innovation of coolant for the use in water coolings of High-End PC systems!

If it was recently only possible with few transparent coolants to protect the own water cooling efficiently, offers Coollaboratory with the new coolant a genuine innovation. Coollaboratory succeeded it with the new product to unite the different advantages on the market available coolants in one product. The Coolant ensures an uncompromising long-term protection against corrosion for all blocked components.

In contrast to other products not only when using copper and aluminum, but expressly also when using the mentioned and other metals in the mixing process. Like that it's no matter, whether the contact areas of the radiators are made of copper, aluminum, brass, nickel or steel, the corrosion protection is completely developed and extremely long-term within shortest time. The coolant can be used problem-free over at least 24 months in the water cooling, whereas particularly inserted and co-ordinate inhibitors provide a perfect protection.

Note: For a long-term use of the water cooling in connection with the Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro is the use of PUR hoses disadvised. Due to its composition and high susceptibility, PUR hoses are not suitable opposite ethyl glycol and other chemicals. Recommendable are PE, PA, PTFE and PVC hoses, in particular can we recommend the hoses of the company innovatek OS GmbH (innovatek special hose - UV/PVC). These show also after very long service life no softening or dissolution features and are besides very flexibly applicable.

Why is a corrosion protection needed? The water in the cooling gets into contact with different metals like for example copper and aluminum. If different metals in presence of an electrolyte (water) touch themselves, due to the different positions of the metals in the electro-chemical electromotive series, it gets round to flowing electric current. It forms a galvanic element, which destroys the more base metal. The occurred corrosion leads by-and-by to deposits, which can block the water cooling system inclusive radiators and pump and in last consequence it can lead to its breakdown and to the damage of the cooling and the computer.

By the use of the Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro this effect is prevented, as an extremely thin and durable protective layer is formed on the metals, which are in the cooling circuit. The electro-chemical corrosion is reduced within two hours by approx. 90% and within a day by more than 99%. After approximately two days no more measurable electro-chemical corrosion occurs and the water cooling is optimally protected.

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