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Returns & warrenty

In case of defective products or you want to make use of the 14-day refund policy, please fill out our RMA form, as this ensures the fastest possible processing of your warrenty or refund claim.

Once you have completed the RMA form under "Create RMA", you will be sent an e-mail with information about the further process.
Create RMA
Here you can create a new return/warranty case.
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Here you can log in and view the status of an ongoing RMA case.

If you need help to create an RMA case, please feel free to call us at +45 7734 7333 or contact us via our support form. Then we will guide you through the complaint process.

NOTE: Important information about warranty:
There is 2 years warrenty on all consumer purchases and 1 year for commercial purchases. Granted there have been communicated a longer warrenty period from the manufacturer, such warrenty issues should be handled directly with the manufacturer.

Any item purchased from CoolerKit shall immediately upon arrival be examined thoroughly for any errors or omissions. If the product is defective upon arrival, this must be reported to CoolerKit immediately.
If you want to complain about an error, this must happen within 2 months of the defect is - or should be - discovered.
The consumer always has two months to complain after a defect in a product is detected. Complaints made within 2 months are always considered within reasonable time and thus in accordance with the law. Complaints can be made later than two months and still be within reasonable time, but this is a rare occurrence.

All products returned to CoolerKit must be securely wrapped or your warranty will be void. Damage resulting from inadequate packaging is the customer's responsibility.

NOTE: Important information about returns:
For consumer purchases there is 14 days to reconsider your purchase, that runs from the time the order is received.

The return right runs from the time of delivery of the order to the consumer. To use this right, the package must be delivered to the courier within 14 days after receipt of the products. It is recommended to send the products by parcel or registered mail, so that there is a record of submission. You can also use your 14 days return right by refusing to accept or pick up the order at the post office, etc. The refunded amount will be the full purchase price, including freight and other fees for the products. The buyer pays cost of return.

The condition for using the return right is that the product is returned in the same condition and quantity as received. The return right may be denied if the product is used in a manner which obviously reduces the selling price. The product should always be returned in original packaging. The absence of packaging is often regarded as a significant decline in the value of the product and may result in termination of the return right.

For any product whose sales value decreased significantly by using, testing or assembly, the right of return does not apply.
Examples of such items are:

- Radiators, waterblocks and the like
- Fans (if mounted with screws)
- Power supplies (if equipped)
- Water pumps
- Heatsinks
- Thermal paste and other consumables

The right of return does not include customized products such as hose, as this will be specific cut to the ordered mesurements and therefore cannot be returned.

All products returned to CoolerKit must be securely wrapped and without any visible change in the original packaging. Damage resulting from inadequate packaging is the customer's responsibility.

No return right is offered for business customers.