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We have divided our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in two parts - before and after ordering - to give a better overview.

Questions and answers before ordering:

You can always see stock level for products on the product page. If green, the item is in stock.

When you have found an product you what to buy, simply press: “Add to basket”. When you have all the products you want in the basket, press: “View cart” and press “Next”. You are then prompted to either log in or create an account.
The shopping cart is shown in the upper right corner, right under our banner.
Afterwards you just fill in the required fields in the checkout page.

How much do I pay in shipping costs?
We calculate the shipping rate based on the weight and size of your order.
See our shipping rates here.

What does you stock icons mean?
På lager - The product is in stock and ready to be shipped within 1-2 business days.
Få styk på lager - The product is in stock but in limited quantity. Ready to be shipped within 1-2 business days.
Ikke på lager - The product is not in stock. Normal delivery time is around 3-10 business days. Please contact us if you want a more accurate estimate.

Can I call you and order by phone?
No, unfortunately we do not take orders by phone. All orders must be placed at our website.

Can I pay by COD / cash on delivery?
No, we do not send COD orders anymore because the majority of the packets was returned and thus was associated with high costs.
You can read about which payment options we offer here.

Why is my payment information not approved?
Sometimes verification of your credit card can take some time, because there must first be created a connection to NETS or your bank. If it takes too long before the verification happens, the payment is canceled for security reasons. This does not mean that your payment information is not verified - but just that it did not happened fast enough. If this happens you need to type the information again.

Can you assemble a water cooling system for me?
No, we do not offer to assemble products or products in your system for you.
Normally, we say that if you can assemble a computer, you can also assemble a water cooling system, since the level of difficulty is about the same. If you can do this and take your time, there should not be any problems at all.

Which countries do you ship to?
We have specialized in delivery to the Nordic countries and Europe. We ship from Denmark, which mean no import tax/VAT will be added to orders from countries inside the European Union. We deliver VAT free to Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

Is it safe to use my credit card online at your webshop?
Yes, please also read about our comprehensive security here.
Further when paying by credit card, you are always protected against abuse. You have the option to refuse payment when you receive your bank statement. You have no deductibles in the event that your card is abused in a shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in it’s payment gateway as we do. You are thus better protected than in the physical world, where you have a deductible of DKK 1,200 if your credit card is misused using your pin code.
When paying with credit card, the amount is withdrawn from your account, when your order is being dispatced. Further there can never be withdrawn an amount greater than the amount you originally approved when ordering.

Questions and answers after ordering:

Is it possible to edit an order (change or add products)?
Yes, you must contact us as soon as possible, preferably by phone. You will find our phone number on the frontpage of our website.
Note that if you paid with a credit card, we cannot add or edit the order, if the order amount will be higher than the original amount agreed upon when placing the order at the webshop.

I have just made an order but want to cancel it?
If you want to delete an order, you can contact us either by phone +45 7734 7333 or by e-mail, where you must at least state the order number.
You can also hit reply on your order confirmation e-mail and write clear instructions for the order to be canceled.

I want to use my 14 days return right, what do I do?
If you have not received the package yet, you can refuse to accept it.
If you have received your order, please send the products back to us. Before you send the products back, we ask you to fill out our returns form.
Read more about the conditions to use of your 14-day return right in our Terms and conditions.

My product(s) is defective and I want to create an RMA/return authorization?
Please fill in our returns form before sending anything to us. You can also contact us on or by phone +45 7734 7333, before you send anything back. Perhaps we have heard of the problem before and know about a solution. In this way we can sometimes avoid sending the products back and forth.

What do I do if my products have been damaged during transport?
When you receive your package, be sure to look for visible damage to the packaging. If the packaging is damaged, make sure the delivery company makes a note about this before you sign/receive the package - or you may completely refuse to accept the package.
If you suspect that the product(s) has been damaged during transportation, please contact us as soon as possible and within 2 business days.

I am missing a product or a product was defective upon delivery?
If a product is missing from your order, it's very likely that we have made an error when packing your order in our warehouse. Please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can send the missing product to you. - It is rare, but we can all make mistakes sometimes.
If a product is defective upon delivery, the product is damaged, scratched, missing accessories or otherwise not as expected, please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can solve the problem together.